Collect feedback easily

With Insignal you can collect feedback and understand your users with customizations like never before.

Powerful widget

Choose from a variety of layouts and make it a part of your product with easy customization.

Tons of animated icons to choose from.

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Widget color customization

As a part of our easy customization, you can even change the widget background color to match your product design language.

Available in all the widget layout.

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Happiness score

With Insignal feedbacks, we aim to help you make more out of the feedbacks collected than what can be seen.

Happiness score lets you see the overall user happiness for your product.

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Widget timing

Yes, that's correct. We have several options for you to select from when it comes to the widget.

Select when exactly you want your users to see the feedback widget.

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Widget icon customization

Not only you can customize the widget itself, but you can also customize the icon too.

Choose a new icon from a range of icons and customize the color as per your product.

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Icons customization

Select from a wide range of icons for each feedback to match your product style.

We also have animated icons and numbers to set you apart from the competition.

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Widget icon position

Including in our vast range of customization is an option which can help you get more feedback.

Choose from different positions available for the widget and use our heatmaps to find out the best place to capture more feedback.

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Multiple formats

Choose from different formats of feedback.

Give your users 5 types of reactions or just 3. Or you can even just let them rate the service using numbers only.

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