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At Insignal our aim is to help you understand what your users really want in a fast and visual way.

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Convert users into customers

Learn more about your users, take steps to improve and convert them into customers using our easy tools.

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User Recording

Records your users as they use your website. See every mouse movement, keypress, click and scroll movements.

Track events
Record clicks & pauses
Skip inactive recordings
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User Heatmap

See wherein your users are searching and what part of the site they're interested in by visualizing their mouse and eye movements using machine learning

Track clicks
Track movements
Desktop/Tablet/Mobile support
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User Timelines

Helps you find out where and why your users are leaving your website. Track smallest of details.

Full user history
Track movements
Landing, exit and everything in between
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Realtime Analytics

Feature rich realtime analytics to collect the smallest of the detail about the user.

UTM medium
In-dept user details
Track page movement
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Smart Feedback

Collect feedback and understand your users with customizations like never before.

Animated Icons
Multiple layouts
Multiple customizations
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Quick Surveys

Collect not just feedbacks but act on those feedbacks instantly to convert your viewers into paying customers.

Individual feedback surveys
Multiple Customization
Offer Rewards
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And much more...

Everything you need to convert your user into a customer

Unlimited Team Members
Share the data with your team by inviting them and keep an overview of their activities.
Easy Setup
2-minute setup time. Just copy and paste the tracking code in your website.
24/7 Support
Various channels to reach out to us instantly instead of waiting days on a support ticket.
Advance Filters
Filter out each and every small details about your visitors in just a few click.
Two-Factor Authentication
We use two-factor authentication to make sure your account is never compromised.
GDPR Compliant
We take data protection very seriously and Insignal follow all the GDPR guidelines.

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What users say about us

"Insignal has given us a better understanding of where our users are getting stuck on our platform and what can be added to improve their overall experience."

Manish Chawla (Director at StairFirst)